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G3 Grade Air Vent Filter Media

Product features
● The AoBo G3 grade air vent filter media is designed for ventilation and air conditioning equipment to remove pollutants from the air.
● Made from high strength organic PET synthetic fiber. The density of the fiber increases the deeper you go through the filter.
● The vent filters have significant dust collection capacity and minimal resistance.
● Highly corrosion resistant for acidic and smog-like environments.
● Humidity resistant and reusable after cleaning.
● Continuous temperature resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius.
● Fire classification criteria: European DIN53438-F1 and US UL900-CLASS2.
● The filter can attract particulate matter as small as 5 micrometers.
● Typically manufactured as plank, pleated, or packet filters with a paper or metal frame.
● The filter media can be punched as a circle, oval, or any other shapes and sizes as you require.

AoBo G3 grade air vent filter media are applicable for high-level ventilation systems such as the followings:
Air-conditioning and ventilation systems, pre-filtering systems in air supply systems.
Pre-filtering in spraying systems or heating devices

Parameter: Customers can book different sizes according the requirements.
Type Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2) Rated Air Flow (m3/h) Average Arrestance (EN779) Final Résistance (Pa) Dust Holding Capacity (g/m2) Temperature (℃) Size (m)
Aobo 0.5~5.0 60-130 5400 80%-90% 250 400~630 -10~100 2x20 1x20
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