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PTFE PPS Dust Collector Filter Bag

The PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag is used in working conditions where typical PPS filter media can't be used. This dust collection bag features a high dust collection efficiency, low smoke resistance, high corrosion resistance, high oxidation resistance, high filtration accuracy, low emission, high stability and long life.

AOBO-2 type filter media is composed of 4 layers, including high quality ultrafine PPS/PTFE fiber surface layer, PPS fiber layer, reinforced PTFE base fabric and PPS crude fiber layer.
The PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag uses an ultrafine surface layer, which results in denser surface of the needle punching felt and a better micro dust blocking performance. Dust will not easily accumulate in the inner layers of the filter media due to gradient structured channels in the filter media, which means that gas permeation resistance increases far more slowly while the dust can be easily cleaned on the surface, which in turns leads to the extra stability of the filter over time. The use of an ultrafine surface layer in the PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag carries out the full development between deep layer filtration to surface layer filtration.

The PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag is post-processed with PTFE dipping for corrosion prevention so that the surface of the fibers are fully coated in a PTFE film, ensuring a gas permeation resistance, waterproof performance and oil resistance performance on the surface, making it easier to remove dust from the surface. This filter is known for its excellent dimensional stability under high temperature working conditions since the filter media is shaped under high temperature. The probability of paste bag can be effectively lowered, while pores and channels will not be easily blocked due to the hydrophobicity of the filter bag surface after waterproofing and anti-oil surface treatments. In addition, the filter bag is acid and alkali resistant.

The PTFE PPS filter media is sewn using PTFE threads in the filter bags using imported Japan Juki sewing machines. The bottom of the filter bag is 10 cm thick for reinforcement. To meet stricter emission standards, all pinholes are sealed with high temperature resistant silica gel. Permeation of micro dust through the pinholes can be avoided, leading to a lower level of dust emissions. Advanced equipment and excellent thread material ensure the absence of hidden failure when using the filter bag, like needle drop, thread break and so on, which improves the overall performance.

The advantages of PPS and PTFE fibers are combined in the PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag, which effectively enhances the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of PPS filter media.

1. Technical Requirements for Environment Protection Products – Dust Collector Filter Bag HJ/T327-2006
2. Technical Requirements for Dust Collector Filter Bags GB/T6719-2009
3. Atmospheric Pollutant Emission Standard for Thermal Power Plants GB13223-2011
4. Atmospheric Pollutant Emission Standard for Household Waste Incineration DB11502-2008

1. Dust collector filter bags for coal-fired boilers
2. Dust collector filter bags for semi-dry and dry desulfurization
3. Dust collector filter bags for biomass power generation
4. Waste incineration power generation
5. Arsenic collection system in gold smelting
6. Smelting plants
7. Dust collection system for kaolin

The PTFE PPS dust collector filter bag is applicable for working conditions where oxygen content, oxidizing gas content or acid gas content is high.

No. Name Unit Parameter Notes
1 Fiber layer
PTFE+PPS Gradient structure manufacturing
2 Base fabric
100% high strength PTFE Filament base fabric
3 Area density g/m2 700±30
4 Thickness mm 1.5
5 Gas permeation volume M3/m2.min ≥8-12
6 Longitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥900
7 Latitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1200
8 Longitudinal fracture elongation % ≤35
9 Latitudinal fracture elongation % ≤50
10 Long time working temperature ≤220
11 Short time working temperature 240 240 ℃ in less than 10 min each time
12 Post-processing
Singing, calendaring, high temperature fixing, dipped in PTFE emulsion for corrosion prevention, surface waterproof treatment and surface anti-oil treatment
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