P84 Dust Collector Filter Bag

The P84 dust collector filter bag employs P84 fibers, which are known for their excellent fineness and good high-temperature resistance. P84 fibers are better known for constructing micro pores in filter media so that surface layer filtration performs better than deep layer filtration, which results from the irregular cross section shapes of the fibers in order to maximize their surface area. Consequently, dust is blocked on the surface of the P84 filter felt instead of permeating into the deeper layer of the filter felt, ensuring the cleaning pressure is low and collection of micro dust is efficient, even under low working differential pressures.

The P84 dust collector filter bag can work under high temperatures and the tri-leaf shape cross section of the P84 fibers leads to excellent gas permeability of the P84 filter media. What's more, the P84 fibers are more resistant to oxidation than PPS fibers.

1. Dust collection in new dry cement kilns
2. Dust collection in some coal-fired power plants
3. Dust collection in some waste incineration power plants

No. Name Unit Parameter Notes
1 Fiber layer
100% P84 Gradient structure manufacturing
2 Base fabric
100% P84 Filament base fabric
3 Area density g/m2 550
4 Thickness mm 1.8
5 Gas permeation volume M3/m2.min ≥12
6 Longitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥900
7 Latitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1200
8 Longitudinal fracture elongation % ≤35
9 Latitudinal fracture elongation % ≤50
10 Long time working temperature ≤220
11 Short time working temperature 260 260 ℃ in less than 10 min each time
12 Post-processing
Singeing, calendaring, high temperature fixing, dipped in PTFE emulsion for corrosion prevention, surface waterproof treatment and surface anti-oil treatment
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