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Waterproof Polyester Dust Collector Filter Bag

The waterproof polyester dust collector filter bag uses a polyester filter media that has been coated in resin in order to smooth the surface and retain a gas permeability that is 50% higher than ordinary filter media. The waterproof polyester filter media has a smooth surface, excellent permeability and low gas resistance. The dust cleaning period and working life of the filter bag are extended due to the fact that dust on the filter surface is easy to remove. After waterproof and anti-oil treatments, the waterproof polyester dust collector filter bag can be utilized in extremely humid environments. Compared with ordinary filter bags, the filter bag will not easily clog with dust, which extends both the dust cleansing period and the service life of the filtration equipment. Moreover, a larger gas flux passes through the filter bag, saving energy and lowering maintenance cost.

The waterproof polyester dust collector filter bag is hydrophobic and oil repellent, which means the filter bag can be used under high humidity and high oil content working conditions. The waterproof polyester filter bag is versatile and strong.

1. Cement plants
2. Chemical plants
3. Coking plants
4. Steel mills
5. Construction industry
6. Aluminum electrolysis and oxidation plants
7. Dust collection under normal temperature environment

No. Name Unit Parameter Notes
1 Fiber layer
2 Base fabric
3 Area density g/m2 500
4 Thickness mm 1.8
5 Gas permeation volume M3/m2.min ≥15
6 Longitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1000
7 Latitudinal fracture strength N/5*20 cm ≥1400
8 Longitudinal fracture elongation % ≤35
9 Latitudinal fracture elongation % ≤50
8 Long time working temperature ≤130
9 Short time working temperature 150 150 ℃ in less than 10 min each time
10 Post-processing
Calendaring or coating, high temperature fixing, surface waterproof treatment and surface anti-oil treatment
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