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Organosilicon Coated Filter Bag Cage (Oval Shape)

The organosilicon coated filter bag cage is manufactured using advanced bag cage manufacturing equipment, with 306L or 304 stainless steel used as cage materials. The entire bag cage framework is welded and shaped using a high frequency welding machine, giving it a long life, excellent resistance to acid and alkali and a great corrosion resistance.

The filter bag cage framework is treated with organosilicon spray coating after oil removal, acid cleaning and phosphorization. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, humidity resistance and high temperature resistance are significantly enhanced. Blind corner problems are adequately addressed during the process of organosilicon spray coating and the effective protection layer covers 100% of the surface.

The oval shape organosilicon coated filter bag cage features an excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, smooth surface and effective cost.

1. Coal-fired and biomass power plants
2. Dust collection in cement kilns
3. Some waste incineration power plants
4. Dust collection for sintering machine desulfurization in steel mills
5. Dust collection for dry and semi-dry desulfurization
6. Metallurgical plants

The size of the oval shape organosilicon coated filter bag cage can be customized according to customer requirements.

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