PPS Dust Filter Fabric

PPS dust collector filter fabric is made up of Japanese PPS fibers. After being carded and woven by a set of needle facilities into cloth, PPS filter felt is finally set by high temperature.

The surface of filter fabric will be treated by calendaring and high concentration of PTFE dipping. In the end, it is processed into needled felt filter materials. Therefore, the fabric is not only of high filter precision and stable performance, but also has excellent anti-corrosive property, waterproof performance and oil resistance.

1. Dust removal of coal based boiler
2. Semi-dry or dry desulfurization and dust removal
3. Dust removal of biomass power generation
4. Electric power generation by waste incineration
5. Arsenic collection system of gold smelting
6. Matte drying system of smeltery
7. Dust removal system of Kaolinite

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